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Product Info

Weber Summit S-420 Natural Gas or Propane Grill

  • Manufacturer: Weber Grills & Accessories

The Weber Summit S-420 Gas Grill sparkles with stainless steel and the highest level of quality and performance applied to a gas grill series. The stainless steel lid features a center-mounted thermometer that accurately reads the inside temperature of the grill for pre-heating and cooking. Included is a back-lit LED tank scale so you know where your propane level is at - at all times.

For the ultimate in convenience Summit gas Grills come with one or two handle lights - putting the spotlight on the food. The handle lights are activated by sensor once the lid is lifted.
There is ample space inside the enclosed area for your LP tank or to store your BBQ tools. This gas grill has large stainless steel work surfaces that flank both sides of the grill.
Also features a study 12,000 BTU per hour which makes the Summit a complete gas grill outdoor cooking station. The burner is large enough to accommodate a sauté pan or sauce pan and will allow you to conveniently finish your cooking processes in one time at one place.