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  • SKU: 366784
  • Model Number: 5A00

Combination garden stool and storage tool with large underseat compartment.

  • SKU: 120803
  • Model Number: SP22105

7 Cu. Ft., Heavy-duty wood push farm/yard cart. 300 LB load capacity. Lift out front panel for easier dumping. Assembly required.

  • SKU: 141512
  • Model Number: SP

These flexible, lightweight polyethylene tubs are washable, bendable, crushable, nearly indestructible.

  • UPC: 011627987636
  • Model Number: 79272

Duke's Steel Pecan Nut Cracker is mounted on a hardwood base for precision nut cracking. It is easy to assemble, no tools required, and ready to go.

  • UPC: 011627002001
  • Model Number: 81361

Duke's Pecan Gatherer picks up all sizes of pecans! With its push-pull action it turns a strenuous job into an easy one! Pick-up basket size is 5” x 4”.

  • Manufacturer: Bonide
  • Model Number: 925

Powder rooting hormone - IBA - Ready to use. Root plants the easy way. Ideal for transplants as well as root cuttings. 1.75 oz.

Increase rooting success up to 60% compared to powders. Dip N Grow is a liquid rooting hormone with IBA and NAA, for successful rooting of all types of cuttings, from succulents to hardwoods. Because it is a liquid concentrate, Dip 'N Grow is absorbed more evenly and easily, roots are more massive and healthy, and ready for long term growth. 2 oz. concentrate.