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Amaryllis make great gifts for the holidays. Enjoy the large, dramatic Amaryllis flowers yourself, or keep them on hand as Amaryllis gifts for neighbors and friends. Even non-gardeners will enjoy watching Amaryllis bulbs grow and bloom.

Christmas cactus is a great gift for the holidays!  It’s a very popular and low-maintenance winter flowering houseplant.  These also do well in hanging baskets. 

The Camellia Japonica. is known as the rose of winter. It does well in flourishes in shaded or semi-shaded areas.  We carry more than 100 varieties!

The holidays are not complete unless you have a poinsettia.  These are great to send as a gift, or keep for yourself for you and your family to enjoy through the new year!

Mums liven up the fading fall garden with handsome flowers of nearly all shades and colors. Some varieties have daisy blooms; others may be rounded globes, flat, fringed, quill shape, or spoon shape. They work exceptionally well in container plantings and pots. We have more than 12 varieties for fall planting.