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A dense, rounded deciduous shrub which grows up to 9' tall. Features very fragrant, yellow flowers (2" across) which bloom at the end of short branchlets in May.

Franklinia grows 10 to 25 feet tall with a slightly smaller spread and has an open, airy growth habit. Trees may be single-stemmed or multi-stemmed. It blooms in late summer when many other plants are long done flowering. The fragrant three-inch flowers are white with conspicuous yellow stamens in the center.

Also called Loblolly-bay, Holly-bay, Gordonia, or Bay, is a small to medium-sized evergreen tree or shrub found in acid, swampy soils of pinelands and bays on the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains. It is a member of the Tea or Theaceae  family. With its handsome evergreen foliage and showy blossoms, Loblolly bay makes an excellent specimen tree or grove in wet areas and at the margins of lakes and ponds.

Upright, arching sword-shaped leaves provide great architectural interest. Foliage is striped with luminous creamy white against dark green. Summer brings grand spires of fragrant snow white blooms. Ideal accent or container specimen, or mass for a brilliant display. Tolerant of wind, heat and humidity. Evergreen.

The narrow, columnar form is just right for small areas. Dark green foliage holds its color year round, sporting purple berries in fall. Outstanding for use as vertical accent, near entryways or as a privacy screen. Planted in a large container, it makes an elegant, formal appearance. Evergreen.

A favorite for stately lawn specimens and tall screens. Densely branched, broad pyramid form with glowing blue-green foliage. Maintains form well with practically no shearing. Evergreen.

The attractive foliage of Christmas Jewel® is small, narrow and long with a blunt spine that is not very sharp to the touch. The leaf color is a dark polished green. Plants are female, producing abundant large, red berries without the need of a pollinator. The berries are apple red by December and last until early summer. Christmas Jewel® is an adaptable plant; perfect for a corner specimen plant or grown as a narrow, dense hedge.

Peonies make fine sentinels lining walkways and a lovely low hedge. After its stunning bloom, the peony's bushy clump of handsome glossy green leaves lasts all summer, and then turns purplish or gold in the fall, as stately and dignified as any shrub. We have many varieties that thrive in the south - pink, red & white.

Largest selection in town! More than 30 varieties!

Great shade lover. Purple on White flowering varieties.

Great for shade. Astilbe brings a graceful, feathery aspect to moist, shady landscapes. Red, White, & Pink varieties.

We carry many of the newer varieties. Great for shade & deer resistant!

We have more than 20 varieties. Drought tolerant and great for containers!

Standard for every flower garden! Deer resistant too!

This perennial form comes in many colors from white, pink or red.

Lots of new varieties to choose from - Pink, Purple, Red.

  • Manufacturer: Costa Farms

We have lots of perennial ferns for our area. We carry Button, Lady, Autumn, Bird's Nest, Maidenhair, Rabbit's Foot, Staghorn, Boston and more! Call for varieties.

Ferns are among the most beautiful houseplants. With lacy fronds and a classic texture, they work well in just about any interior design scheme, from country casual to formal. There's a wider variety of ferns available than most folks realize, so there's abundant opportunity to decorate with these houseplants. 

Many different colors. Drought tolerant, great for containers or rock gardens.

The very fragrant, white flowers are up to 1 inch in diameter and they are present all summer and into fall. The rich green leaves have five to nine leaflets, each up to 2½ inches long.

Sweetly scented, golden yellow flowers cover the cascading, fine textured foliage from February to April. The trumpet-shaped blooms are 1 to 1½ inches long and are attractive to butterflies.

Climbing, perennial vine. Preferred habitat is swamps, flood plains and dense woods. Flowers from December to May.

Trumpet Creeper is best known for its magnificent flowers. These bright red blossoms grow up to three inches long. Blooms from June to September.

A climbing, woody vine reaching 50 ft. long with showy, orange-red, trumpet-shaped flowers 2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches across which hang in clusters of two to five.

Clematis armandii is a spectacular evergreen vine that is beautiful whether in bloom or not. Clematis armandii has much to recommend it including beautiful evergreen foliage and delightfully fragrant flowers that appear in late winter (with occasional blossoms throughout the summer). Even better, this vine is not bothered by pests, is tolerant of shady conditions and, once established, needs little care.