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Outstanding bright orange to deep reddish-purple fall foliage color is reliable even in warmer climates. Leaves are retained later than most cultivars. Medium green foliage in spring and summer. A super choice for high profile, fast growing shade tree in yards. Deciduous. Oval shaped head...colors up later then 'Red Sunset' maples.

  • Model Number: PP15477

Rare, dwarf, Yellow leaf form of Oakleaf hydrangea! In early spring, large, oakleaf-shaped leaves unfurl a brilliant gold. This color remains right through spring and well into summer, eventually darkening to chartreuse and finally green just as the huge 6- to 8-inch white bloom trusses -- giant snowy wands in the shade garden! In autumn, the leaves burnish a brilliant scarlet, even the stems turn red. These leaves and stems will stay put right through winter!

A dwarf, four-season shrub perfect for smaller gardens. White flowers that fade to pink, beautiful fall foliage, with cinnamon-colored bark in the winter. Superb as a specimen or foundation plant and for the shrub border or group planting. Deciduous.

Great shade tree with outstanding deep crimson-red fall color! Shumard Oak trees have shiny, dark green leaves, and the bark is gray and smooth. Shumard Oak trees tolerate poor soil and drought conditions, especially after they are established.

A dwarf Southern Magnolia with smaller dark green foliage and very compact narrow form. The leaves of this evergreen shrub or small tree are rusty-brown on the undersides. Useful in small gardens.

Louisa’ is a weeping, pink-flowered crabapple tree that typically matures to 12-15’ tall and as wide. Branches typically cascade to and spread along the ground. Red buds open in spring (in May) to single fragrant pink flowers (to 1 1/2" diameter). Flowers are attractive to bees.

Beautiful tree in every season, but winter is when this variety shines, when the bark becomes the main attraction. Stunning coral-orange bark simply glows in the winter landscape. Plant as a small specimen tree, or plant in a grouping for a fantastic winter effect. Has small, yellow-green leaves that emerge in spring and mature to a medium green. In fall, the leaves turn yellow with hints of orange.

'Ryusen' boasts a magnificent weeping habit with strong, pendulous branches bearing palmately divided leaves of bright green. The foliage on this slow grower turns brilliant shades of golden-orange and bright red in autumn. More heat- and sun-tolerant than many A. palmatum cultivars, 'Ryusen' leafs out late in spring, thus avoiding late frosts. Expect it to reach 20 feet long and 6 to 8 feet wide over many years.

An ornamental flowering peach with pink double flowers in the spring. A real showpiece in the spring. Flowers appear in April before lustrous, sharply serrated green leaves. Photo Courtesy of Greenleaf Nursery.

With its notable weeping form and bright green foliage, Cascade Falls Bald Cypress is prized in the nursery trade as a unique accent specimen tree. This deciduous conifer sends out strictly weeping limbs which bear bright green spirally arranged needles. In the landscape, gardeners will stake it to desired height and then allow the developing branches to weep out onto the ground. During the winter months the limbs will still have interest as the bark exfoliates.

The most brilliantly colored selection of the Eastern Redbud yet, this brand-new introduction offers spring foliage of deep apricot-orange, maturing to yellow and then speckled lime-green in summer, only to return to its rich golden tones for autumn. Coupled with abundant rosy-orchid blooms and vigorous yet compact growth, The Rising Sun™ is an absolute essential for the sunny garden.

Dwarf, rounded shrub perfect as a low border, groundcover or container specimen. Prized for its dense, compact growth and glossy evergreen foliage. Produces small orange-blossom scented flowers occasionally. Requires little maintenance.

Baby Gem is the gold standard for valuable garden shrubs. The vigorous littleleaf boxwood is an exceptionally compact plant with a dense, multi-branched habit, easy to grow and robust in the landscape overall.Baby Gem’s tiny, black-green foliage is abundant and adds a distinctive note to the landscape, retaining its color particularly well in winter. This fine-textured broadleaf evergreen grows as tall as it is wide, reaching a maintainable size of 3 feet tall and wide, resembling a little green muffin.

Extremely hardy Palm with distinctive hairy black fibers covering its slender, graceful trunk. Attractive compact crown. Makes a good garden or patio tree, or container specimen.

Bringing the pindo palm tree (Butia capitata) into your home landscape offers your outdoor space an infusion of tropical interest. This single-trunk palm thrives in a wide variety of environments and displays elegant blue-gray foliage. Its height of 15 to 25 feet and spread of 10 to 15 feet make it an ideal tree for warm-climate residential environments, even in the presence of power lines. Become familiar with the characteristics and care requirements of the pindo palm for a successful landscaping experience.

Single, brilliant, fiery red blooms centered with bright yellow stamens make this a beautiful addition to the winter garden. Blossoms stand out in high contrast against glossy, dark green foliage. Excellent choice for a colorful hedge or screen, espalier, and border shrub. Mid season bloomer. Evergreen. We have more than 10 varieties of this fall bloomer.

Mums liven up the fading fall garden with handsome flowers of nearly all shades and colors. Some varieties have daisy blooms; others may be rounded globes, flat, fringed, quill shape, or spoon shape. They work exceptionally well in container plantings and pots. We have more than 12 varieties for fall planting.

Asters are daisy-like perennials with starry-shaped flower heads. They bring delightful color to the garden in late summer and autumn when many of your other summer blooms may be fading. You can find an aster for almost any garden and they have many uses, such as in borders, rock gardens, or wildflower gardens. Asters also attract butterflies to your garden! Several varieties of blue & purple for fall color.

Great fall blooming perennial! No late summer flower garden is complete without Crocosmia's vibrant wands of scarlet, red, orange, and yellow. They offer a late pop of color when many gardens are languishing in the dog days. The tubular blossoms beckon hummingbirds, and the seedpods that persist into fall also attract feathered visitors.

Double, 2" diameter, fragrant flowers that rebloom in summer to fall on a nice tight compact shrub! Lustrous, dark green, evergreen foliage! Compact rounded growth habit, cold hardy to USDA Hardiness Zone 7, and resistance to root rot diseases.

The leaves carry an eye-catching yellow-and-cream variegation that holds all summer, and in winter the foliage turns shades of pink, red, and cream. April and May flowers are a deep red-maroon. 'Pink Frost' has dense, upright growth.

Foliage is evergreen, and has a beautiful dark green coloration year round, with just a slight bluish cast. Very small reddish maroon flowers appear in late winter, which also gives this plant some nice seasonal interest too. Is the lowest growing of all the Distylium hybrids, and makes a wonderful, thick, yet graceful looking hedge or groundcover planting.

Considered to be among the best of all yellow Magnolias. Exceptional, rich yellow, non-fading 4 to 5 in. blooms are held upright like butterflies upon the branches. A spectacular specimen and focal point for early spring. Deciduous.

Flowers with wavy clear yellow petals and red cups appear on the bare branches of this unusual shrub to add blazing color to the winter landscape. Plant near entries and patios to enjoy the fragrance.