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Come visit our Seed wall and begin your planning for your 2018 gardens! Cofer's also has an Organic selection of Vegetable Seeds, too!

This is a plant blanket that helps protect your valuable plants from frost, sleet, snow, and cold winds. Available at Cofer's in multiple sizes: 6 Foot Round, 8 Foot Round, and 10 Foot Round.

This is a plant blanket that helps protect your valuable plants from frost, sleet, snow, and cold winds.

  • Manufacturer: Ball Seed

Exotic bicolors charm with awesome appeal and garden performance in even more varieties! These medium-vigor beauties have excellent branching, exceptional habit and superior mildew resistance. Dalaya holds up well at retail and performs in containers and in the landscape. They also attract butterflies!

  • Manufacturer: Greenleaf Nursery Company

A mounding and weeping variety with glossy, dark green leaves. New foliage is a rich, coppery red. Bright rosy-pink flowers appear in early spring before the foliage emerges. Grows to 5 feet tall with a spread of 5 to 12 feet.

  • Model Number: 324

Achillea filipendulina. Hardy perennial. This tall, commanding plant is covered with dusty-yellow heads on top of olive-green foliage. Produces 20 to 30 large flowers heads per plant in early summer. Excellent for drying and will retain its color for years. Great for hot, dry areas. Attracts pollinators.

  • Model Number: 1979

Mixed varieties. Annual/perennial. This wildflower mixture loves full sun and will provide an eye-catching patch of color all summer. Blossoms begin in about 45 days and continue for many years, depending on your site. Creates beautiful wildflower bouquets. Attracts pollinators.

  • Model Number: 4008

Mixed varieties. Annual/perennial. A nectar and pollen rich blend of annual and perennial flowers that will provide forage for honey bees all season long. It is ideal for honey beekeepers and farmers who need honey bees for the pollination of their crops. Plant along the perimeters of crops fields, in marginal cropland or along the edges of wild land areas.

  • Model Number: 1682

Mixed varieties. Annual/perennial. Capture the beauty of a wild flower meadow right in your own yard! This is a mixture of low-growing (1-4′) flowers native and naturalized in North America. Blossoms begin in about 45 days and will continue for many years depending on your site. Attracts pollinators.

  • Model Number: 1681

Mixed varieties. Annual/perennial. This is a mixture of colorful wildflower varieties that are well adapted to dry areas. Blossoms begin in about 45 days and continue for may years depending on your site. Beautiful flower bouquets! Attracts pollinators.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

A dense evergreen shrub highly valued as a landscape ornamental. Large trusses of bright red flowers that appear on even young plants. Thrives in cooler regions. An eye-catching standout in any garden. Very effective in foundation plantings or as an accent.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

Vigorous climbing vine that clings to surfaces by aerial rootlets. Slow-growing shrubby habit until established, then quite vigorous, producing long, fast-growing stems. Lush green foliage is blanketed with magnificent, white lacecap blooms in summer. Deciduous.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

This early-flowering, compact clematis is ideal for containers or small gardens. Festive, deep-pink flowers can reach six to eight inches in diameter. Petals are uniquely striped with white bars. Blossoms abundantly in early summer, repeating in late summer to early autumn. Deciduous.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

This dramatic, weeping evergreen makes a special addition to any landscape. Superb specimen for minimal-care gardens. Naturally grows slowly with with a sprawling horizontal habit, though often trained into an upright, serpentine form. Pendant branchlets display icy-blue needles, creating a graceful, waterfall-like effect.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

Compact, semi-erect conifer with interesting, thread-like needles that weep and drape over the entire shrub. Bright, golden-yellow new foliage, even in full sun. Excellent mop-headed accent plant that makes nice background border or small hedge. Evergreen.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

Handsome shrub with leathery, dark green foliage that backs a profusion of exquisite light pink, large, semi-double blooms. A prized plant for milder regions. Mid to late season bloomer. Evergreen.

Medium growing, rounded evergreen broadleaf shrub. Has a height of 3 to 4 feet and spreads 3 to 4 feet. These Azaleas are excellent to use as a colorful accent plant! Pick yours up at Cofer's Home & Garden.

  • Manufacturer: Greenleaf Nursery Company

This vigorous growing evergreen has small dark green leaves and can climb 8 to 10 feet if given support. It also works great as a groundcover because it inhibits weed growth and controls erosion.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

Its relatively small size, glossy green foliage & airy pinkish-red flowers set this extraordinary selection apart from others. Especially attractive planted in mass where flowers can be backlit by the sun. Drought tolerant, though thrives with regular watering.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

This plant is as tough as its name! It will practically grow in the dark. Excellent for those difficult to fill areas in deep shade. Spreads by underground stems. Evergreen.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

Variegated glossy green foliage and deep red leaf stalks make this an attractive groundcover. The leaves are heart-shaped with speckled creamy white margins. This evergreen, self-clinging, vigorous climber is a popular groundcover for steep slopes and is often grown on walls to visually soften or add an aged look to the architecture. Its small aerial roots cling to everything as it naturalizes and spreads throughout the landscape.

  • Manufacturer: Proven Winners

Dark green leaves with a creamy white center and violet spring flowers. Provides foliage interest. Drought tolerant, deadheading not necessary.

  • Manufacturer: Proven Winners

Beautiful variegated foliage brightens any garden. Provides foliage interest. Drought tolerant, deadheading not necessary.

  • Manufacturer: Proven Winners

Bright gold leaves edged in green with soft blue flowers. Provides foliage interest. Drought tolerant, deadheading not necessary.