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Splashing Up Your Garden With Color

Splashing Up Your Garden With Color

The artistry of gardening is a simple concept, but tough to master. What I mean is that each plant is like a color on an artist’s palette.  Think Vincent van Gogh’s Irises or Monet’s Water Lilies. Imagine these beautiful works of arts and instead of using a canvas, applying it outdoors in real life. Yes it requires skill, which comes to all in time, but more importantly it requires inspiration, imagination, intuition, and creation. Your yard is your palette and the colors of the flowers you choose to plant are your paint.  At its heart there really is no right or wrong as art and your garden is subjective depending on the individual viewing it, but if you bring attention, awareness, and a sense of playfulness you can achieve something remarkable.

One question that pops up a lot is what plants or flowers accent well with another and which colors should I blend? Here are a few ideas you can try in your yard, but don’t feel discouraged to go your own way and create something different. One of the best routes to go is to use annuals and perennials as most use full sun and come in a variety of color. Some popular choices include pansies, geraniums, and any kind of primrose flowers. Many people opt to go with Chrysanthemums, Zinnias, Petunias, and Marigolds as they are easy to grow. Periwinkles, Morning Glories and Cosmos are also good if you live in a hot or dry area.

When choosing colors, that is entirely up to you and your taste. Most people already have an idea in mind as they want the flowers to somehow match their home. If you live in a bright blue house, then maybe you don’t want a combination of violet and white geraniums as they won’t pop as well for people who will see your work. However, if you live in a brick home, then the classic yellow and white combination may be your go to. It all can vary depending on your interests and inspirations. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. A good rule of thumb to follow when choosing colors is to imagine wearing the colors yourself. If you would wear a certain color combination in an outfit, then its best to say its good enough for your yard. If not, then keep looking until you find something that works. Always keep it classy, but try to go bold in hot spots. For example the deep blue and bright orange in zinnia blooms can be the perfect combination that is suitable for any kind of weather.  You want to be able to mix and match, create contrast, and use texture. Plants and flowers come in all shapes and sizes, so use that to your advantage when creating your work of art. You want your garden to have character and variety.  Finally, use foliage to give your garden appearance an extra kick. You don’t always have to rely on flowers for stunning combinations. Color like the silver in an annual licorice is enough to serve as the perfect backdrop to the right flower.

You don’t need to have only one color in your garden. You don’t even need to have one type or size of plant. What is this the White House? No, you’re better than that. Be playful and creative this year with your garden. Try new colors, new plants, and new textures to create a garden that is worth painting.