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What You Need To Build Your Own Garden

What You Need To Build Your Own Garden

This summer, try starting your own garden bed and growing plants from seedlings or planting container plants. Whether you are planting vegetables or flowers, starting your own garden can be a very rewarding and fruitful experience, pun intended.

Building your own garden isn’t rocket science, but it does require a lot of tools and steps. Use the recommendations in this article as a way to guide you through the process. Start by making sure you have the right tools. Some essential tools you will need to start your garden are a shovel, a saw, a drill, wood, and materials used to create a more raised feature. Try to get wood that doesn’t rot for your side and end boards. Redwood or construction heart  (con heart for short) is a cut of wood that is made from the center of the log where the wood is the strongest and most rot-resistant. Your boards should be close to 12 inches wide and 16 inches long for your corner posts.  Find a spot that has plenty of space for your garden to grow and measure it. Now that you know the size of the bed, you can cut your wood to fit.  Once you have constructed the frame, set it aside and use your shovel or hoe to start removing the grass or debris from the space. Loosen the dirt so that the roots can penetrate deeply into the ground allowing for your plants to grow. When the bed is put in place lay down a mesh cloth along the bottom of the frame to keep the weeds out. Just in case the wood isn’t rot-resistant, staple heavy-duty plastic bags along the inside of the frame before adding the soil.

Following securing your bed in place close to the ground, fill it with nutrient rich soil and compost. Feel free to use other resources and fertilizer to improve the quality of your soil. A good foundation will enable your garden to grow and thrive. Create little holes throughout the soil bed and place your seeds or container plants inside. Make sure to always break up the root ball before planting.  This is an important step in making sure your plants can properly absorb the water and nutrients from the soil. Top off the garden bed with more soil and water frequently in the morning to achieve maximum growth.  Once your garden is in full swing, feel free to add to it or decorate it with different features. Gardening is a process that requires patience and effort. Use the tools and tips in this article to build an abundant garden bed. Happy gardening!