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2015 Garden Trends

2015 Garden Trends

Gardening is in style every year, from hobby gardening and home-grown vegetables to decorative flowers and agriculture, but new trends develop each year to meet what interests gardeners most. So what is most interesting about gardening in 2015?

  • Native Plants: Native plants are all the current rage for an eco-friendly garden. Native plants are better for local wildlife, more resistant to disease, more water-efficient and generally require less overall care, making them ideal for on-the-go gardeners.
  • Pollinator Plants: As pollution takes its toll on bees and butterflies, garden plants that offer food and egg-laying sites for these pollinating insects are a high priority. Attracting pollinators also helps gardens by encouraging more luxurious growth and healthier plants.
  • Water Conservation: Conserving water is always a concern to gardeners, and grouping plants with similar watering needs, opting for drought-friendly succulents and trying xeriscaping are hot trends anywhere water conservation is critical.
  • Front Yard Gardens: Edible landscaping in the front yard is a growing trend for many gardeners, particularly in urban areas where yards may be smaller and space is at a premium. Front yard gardens are a great way to have both beautiful and practical landscaping.
  • Herbal Relief: Home-grown herbs are popular in all types of gardens. Not only are edible herbs great for flavorings and medicinal uses, but many herbs also have attractive foliage and understated blooms that make them stunning and practical garden accents.
  • Curvy Lines: Instead of straight, predictable rows, curved lines and smooth flow is the latest design trend for gardens. Following natural curves and flows of the landscape gives a garden a softer feel and more integrated design.
  • Container Crazy: Gardening in containers has never been hotter, and as baby boomers are downsizing in 2015, containers are a great way to keep gardening even with a smaller yard, or no yard at all. Also ideal for first apartments or rental homes, containers are a growing trend.
  • Fairy Gardening: The tiniest of gardens are a wonderful trend, and there is a wide range of fun fairy accessories to add a bit of magic to any gardening space or container. From garden gnomes to fairy doors to everything in between, fairies keep the fantasy in gardening.

Want some help checking out this year's garden trends, or want to start a trend of your own? Stop in and see us for help!