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Don't Put Away Your Gardening Tools

Don't Put Away Your Gardening Tools

Summer may be over but there's still plenty of planting to do. Your hard work this fall will pay off before you know it. Now is a good time for small, shallow-rooted vegetabless like lettuce, raddishes, carrots, spinach, garlic and lettuce.

For flowers, think small-statured annuals like pansey, dwarf marigold and viola planted in containers as small as 2 gallons. For your garden, you can also consider callendula, snapdragon, stock and ornamental kale for October planting.

Fall is also an excellent time to plan ahead for next season's garden. If you've considered converting grassy areas into a new garden, then now's the time to do it. Find a sunny area and grab a spade and plow. Turn the dirt several times and sow a crop cover such as winter rye for extra support. By doing this now the grass will have a chance to break down over the winter months.