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Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: ferti-lome
  • Model Number: 10730

Contains Polymer Coated Sulfur Coated Urea which provides gradual, long-lasting release of Nitrogen to promote optimal uptake by lawn grasses. This formulation has proven to be the best for Southern lawns as well as cool season grasses. 20 lbs.

  • Manufacturer: ferti-lome
  • Model Number: 10906

Designed to help grass seed and sod develop roots and mature stems before rapid growth begins. Allows sod to get established. Can be applied with grass seed or immediately after seed is sown. 20 lbs.

  • Manufacturer: ferti-lome
  • Model Number: 10767

Contains slow release Nitrogen for long lasting results plus high Iron content along with other trace elements to produce super greening power. Use on Cenetipede lawns and Bluegrass, perennial Ryegrass, Fescue, St. Augustine, Bahia, Bermuda, Zoysia and Bentgrass lawns. Coverage: 5,000 sq. ft. Apply in the spring and fall. 20 lbs.